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INTERNATIONAL GROUP, Scarborough, Ontario

Pyramids Engineering has, since 1987, successfully carried out many engineering contracts for the International Group. Examples are:

  • Heavy concrete rail bed for train siding,
  • Structural steel for equipment and piping support,
  • Truck loading platforms,
  • Tank farm expansions, including tanks, pumps, piping,
  • Oil blending facility, comprising foundations, diking, tanks, pumps, piping and instrumentation,
  • Designs for warehouse alterations such as racking, roof raising and parking lot expansion,
  • Drafting services

This work has been performed in a professional and competent manner, complemented by the prompt and friendly attention of the members in the Pyramids Engineering organization

Chris Smith, Director of Engineering

Darrell Babcock, Sr. Staff Engineer

International Group


GAY LEA FOODS, Weston, Ontario

As part of the Gay Lea Foods Engineering department, I’ve worked with Pyramids Engineering on the design project to renovate our existing building by raising the roof by 15′ over a span of approximately 15,000 square feet. The Engineers at Pyramids were very helpful, responsive, professional and pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend them to others with similar undertakings.

Mike Estepa

Gay Lea Foods

Ingredion Canada

Ingredion Canada Incorporated (Casco Inc.), Port Colborne, Ontario

Pyramids helped us expand our loading facility. Throughout the design, tendering and construction phases, the team at Pyramids was very helpful and attentive to our needs. We are happy with the finished product and would use them again on a similar project.

James Stokes, P. Eng., Project Manager

Ingredion Canada Incorporated (Casco Inc.)


Pyramids Engineering has been our Consulting Engineer on a numbers of projects at our plant in the past few years. In the two most recent projects, they performed analysis and assessed the structural integrity of the building which allowed us to use right size and weight machines for our on-going Pharmaceutical Process. Each of these projects had non-conforming structures but the analysis and load calculations by Pyramids Engineering provided crucial certifications and peace-of-mind to move the project in the right direction. If it were not for their services and certifications, the projects would have gone over budget and long in duration. Pyramids Engineering saved us extraordinary time and money.

Mathew McClellan, P.Eng. – Project Engineer, Toronto, Ontario



We have worked with Pyramids Engineering over the past ten years on several projects and have built a confident and trusting relationship knowing that we can rely on their expertise, professionalism, and expeditious production of Civil, Structural & Mechanical Process Engineering.

Paul Rosen, P.Eng. – Plant Manager, Toronto, Ontario


We have used Pyramids Engineering on a variety of unusual and challenging projects. Without exception, Pyramids Engineering has come through with solid information and analysis to help us find solutions. They have provided us with a full design for our building which consists of a large drive-in freezer area as well as a manufacturing plant and regular storage warehouse. The Pyramids team is able to combine the strengths of the analysis and real world experience with excellent client coordination and customer service.

Philip Bassily, P.Eng. – Engineering Manager, Etobicoke, Ontario


Pyramids Engineering conducted our Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) on our Flammable Dispensing and Storage Room in our Plant. They did an excellent job and completed it within our designated time frame. We will definitely use their services on other future projects.

Mark Pinkerton, P.Eng. – General Manager, Mississauga, Ontario